All camera packages come with rain gear, camera strap, clear glass, battery charger and 4 batteries.

High Definition (HD)

    • Sony NEX-FS700
      • The NEX-FS700 is our newest camera, feautring 3G-SDI ouput, ND filters and high speed-recording options. It also has the capability to shoot slow motion up to 960 fps. The camera can currently output up to 2K, but will soon be upgraded to 4K.
    • Sony HDW 730s
      • The Sony HDW-730S features 3 x 2.2 million-pixel IT CCDs and Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP). This camera is equipped with the HKDW702 down converter board.                    
    • Sony F800 
      • The PDW-F800 camcorder is the newest member of the XDCAM family. It offers multi-format recording flexibility as standard - including SD recording and a frame rate of 23.98P in 1080 mode. It is equipped with three 2/3-inch type CCDs and a "Power HAD FX" progressive CCD with 1920 x 1080 effective pixels. Stunning-quality HD images can be captured by this high-resolution CCD and advanced digital signal. On top of the exceptional technology, the PDW-F800 offers very high quality HD recording at a data rate of up to 50Mbps using the MPEG-2 4:2:[email protected] compression. It also provides multi-format recording flexibility including 1080i, 720P and SD, which comes with HD/SD conversion and cross conversion between 1080i and 720P. With features such as Slow & Quick Motion (over-crank and under-crank recording) make the PDW-F800 ideal for cinema and TV drama productions, as well as ENG applications.
    • Panasonic AG-HMR10 
      • The AG-HMR10 handheld AVCCAM HD solid-state recorder puts the flexibility of recording and viewing high quality 1080 and 720 AVCHD content directly in the palm of your hand. AVCHD recording is superior to HDV, providing double the recording time and higher quality than older MPEG-2 compression used in HDV formats
    • Sony Z1U
      • The HVR-Z1U features three developed Super HAD 1/3" CCDs. These 16:9 native CCDs, combined with a high quality 12X Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar® T* Lens and Sony's 14 bit A/D and DXP Digital Extended Processor, result in precise image acquisition with superb detail and clarity.
    • Sony PMWEX3 
      • The PMW-EX3 compact camcorder with an interchangeable lens system incorporates three-inch type Exmor™ Full HD CMOS sensors, each with an effective pixel count of 1920 x 1080, delivering stunning-quality HD images in 1080P, 720P, and 1080i HD resolutions. A rich variety of features for creative shooting are incorporated into this camcorder such as "Slow & Quick Motion", which is also commonly known as "over-cranking" and "under-cranking", selectable gamma curves, slow-shutter, interval recording and Picture Profile™ feature. Additionally, the PMW-EX3 offers a convenient remote-control and multi-camera operation capability, which allows use with high-end camera systems.  
    • HXR-MC1 HD Camera
      • The HXR-MC1/ACC is an easy-to-use HD camera system and accessory kit, consisting of a small camera unit, a handheld controlling unit with LCD panel and recording function and a complete accessory kit including a rechargeable battery pack, AC adapter/charger, wide conversion lens, remote commander and case. This all-in-one tiny camera system needs no extra equipment, take it out and just start shooting! Also, the camera unit is splash-proof, allowing easy usage under tough conditions, such as outdoor shooting or water-side shooting. The range of HD shooting will expand using this one-and-only camera. Moreover, the unique style of the HXR-MC1/ACC enables shooting in extraordinary conditions and angles, such as shooting sports scenes from the user's point of view and onboard shooting in motor sports. The creative possibilities are limitless.  

Wireless Camera Systems (HD)

    • IDX's CW-5HD is the new generation of HD wireless transmission systems that provide a smooth, easy way to send HD or SDI video/audio signals across short distances with no delay or latency.   
    • Developed for the consumer and proven by professionals, GoPro's all-new HD HERO cameras are the world's most advanced line of on-board, full HD 1080p cameras designed to be used during sports.  With amazing clarity, stability, and slow-motion capabilities, these cameras record your sport's most exciting moments in professional quality HD video and automatically-captured 5 megapixel still photos. The LCD BacPac is a detachable LCD screen for HD HERO & HD HERO2 cameras. As a removable accessory, the LCD BacPac keeps your camera as small and light as possible, yet provides the convenience of an LCD screen when attached.

Standard Definition (SD)

  • PDW 530 
    • The PDW-530, Professional Disc Camcorder, has been designed with special consideration for heavy-duty field acquisition, providing excellent picture quality, operability and reliability inherited from Sony Betacam® family of acquisition products. PDW-530 provides excellent picture quality, adapting 16:9/4:3 switchable Power HAD EX CCDs, the same camera block specification as MSW-900, MPEG IMX camcorder. It features MPEG IMX/DVCAM switchable recording and two built-in optical filter wheels (ND and CC). Uses DVCAM compression recording at 25Mbps up to around 85 min, MPEG IMX compression recording at 30Mbps up to 68 min, 40Mbps up to 55 min and 50Mbps up to 45 min.